Newsroom > 2022 > The comeback of an iconic model with new FLASHY COLOURS!

Remember... it was an international, intergenerational and intercultural success, and now it's back: BACK TO BASICS! The first Ice-Watch is back with a modernised silhouette that is still true to the original look. Let yourself be swept away again by a wave of colour and good humour with the new ICE generation! 

Fitted with an extra-soft silicone strap, these vibrant watches with their sleek, trendy design allow you to proudly express your personality on your wrist. Bright and coloured, black and white, soft pastels, rainbow shades, with or without numbers: all you have to do is choose the mood you want! Mixed and multi-styles, the ICE generation watch collection accompanies you everywhere and in all circumstances: an exuberant must-have to make yours at all costs!