Newsroom > 2018 > The CITY mirror, a watch with a mirror dial

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, what time is the fairest of them all?"

 The most beautiful, the trendiest, the brightest, the most amazing time is... The present time kept by the Ice-Watch brand's latest creation: the CITY mirror, a watch with a mirror dial!

Every hour is reflected and sparkles in a real mirror with multiple silver, gold, rose gold, sky blue or soft pink reflections. While some models combine numbers and hands, all of them feature a metallic strap. The Ice-Watch brand warns that their ultra-trendy, extremely innovating look really stands out!

This is the perfect watch for lifting a dull outfit, smartening up a pair of jeans or adding glow to a party dress. To sum up, the CITY mirror adapts to every style and adds sparkle to fashion.

A must-have accessory for the end of the summer, the CITY mirror is also very practical. The mirror dial can be used to touch up your make-up in three seconds! In a subtle move and a single glance, beauty lovers can re-powder their nose, check their eyeliner or re-shape their lips with a dash of lipstick.

And just like the back of a medal, the other side has a mirror. The number of these unique watches produced is limited. So don't leave it too late to get your hands on one. Wear it boldly, own it. The CITY mirror and its 36mm luminous, contemporary dial will not go unnoticed.

Product Description:

  • Size :S 
  • Waterproofness :3 ATM
  • Warranty :2 Years
  • Case material :Stainless Steel
  • Movement :VJ20
  • Lens :Mineral Glass
  • Band material :Leather Metallic
  • Type of movement :2 Hands

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