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 ICE lo: For a glittery summer that is high in colours!      

Fall for the beauty of a graduated sparkly dial - ICE lo. The cool, modern, colourful watch for a sparkling summer.

You’re on the lookout for a feminine, bright and colourful watch for  this summer? Then the ICE lo collection is perfect for you! With their  magnificent iridescent dials and graduated sparkles, you’re bound to  fall head over heels for these watches.

Thanks to their extra-flexible silicone straps in deep black or  immaculate white, these water-resistant summer watches are the perfect  match for all of your outfits and can be worn everywhere, even at the  pool or the beach!

Whether you’re won over by the cool freshness of the  graduated blue shades or you succumb to the girly charm of the pink  hues, you’ll always find an ICE lo watch to suit your desires! Looking  for a touch of style? Then opt for the models with golden details!  Adorned with a graduated dial featuring golden touches, they offer  endless possibilities for mixing and matching with your favourite looks!  An added bonus of the collection: each model comes in sizes M and S!  ICE lo watches can therefore be adapted to even the smallest wrist  sizes!        

Available at eStore and Ice-Watch galleries now.