Newsroom > 2021 > ICE glam brushed : a timely, elegant collection for autumn

ICE glam brushed : a timely, elegant collection for autumn

Succumb to the minimalist charm of the ICE glam brushed watches! These chic, subtle, elegant and feminine watches with their gold or rosegold details, will become your essential everyday accessory. They’re easy to match and wear for any occasion, giving you a chic, glamorous look under all circumstances!

Like an exquisite make-up selection, it gently adorns the skin with the season’s tones: subtle pinks, the soft lavender of late-flowering wisteria, the intangible grey of a dawn shrouded in mist, the creamy goodness of tea-time that keeps us warm on chilly days...

This stunning timepiece exudes glam sophistication, as encapsulated in the unique brushed matte dial. It is the epitome of discreet tone-on-tone elegance, from the ultra slim case to the soft sheen of the silicone strap. Flecked with a sprinkling of gold or rose gold touches, the ICE glam brushed is all about muted luxury. Its soft whispers of colour and comforting feel make it the perfect accessory for the first cosy jumpers of autumn. Irresistible.

Which one will you go for? Make-up your mind!