Newsroom > 2021 > ICE flower - Dare to bloom, no matter what season!

ICE flower

What is in the 2021 Ice-Watch bouquet? Vibrant and assertive tones to pick from the air, acid pop pastels at the forefront of white sakura, classic black and blush chic shades. In the dials, the garden of the hours: a FLOW of abstract or natural floral motifs... 

Thanks to its immaculate white silicone wrist strap with gold details, this watch is a real eye-catcher on the wrist. With its bright dial adorned with a flower design, it adds a feminine, colourful and floral touch to all your everyday outfits!

Each style, each age, each outfit will find its happiness. The floral overdose of the latest Fashion Weeks has found its ideal accessory: an ICE flower, highlighted with gold and dressed with a silicone ribbon!