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ICE dune: A sporty, ultra-accessible and trendy chronograph for the summer time

Attractive, fit and already geared up for the holidays: the new chronograph of the Ice-Watch brand is ready to go! Even the name, which the ICE dune owes to its highly original dial, arouses our desire for sand and sea. An intensely white ‘bridge’ connects three sub-dials: the minutes counter on the left, the seconds chronograph in the centre and a 24H display on the right. It is distinct, dynamic and great for measuring the best moments and sporting achievements of men and teenagers on holiday.

When white is the main theme...

To make colour vibrate – that is the DNA of Ice-Watch watches! - nothing better than contrast. And so the collection of these super chronographs enjoys a refreshing white touch on the dial. The most sedate (blue, black and white) as well as the flashiest (red and orange). Some of them also have a white strap, while the others prefer a 100% coordinated look. But always in the most summery material: silicone. The straps, with a sporty texture and tone-on-tone seams, can prance, surf, dive, play tennis or lounge on the beach. They will remain immaculate and comfortable despite the water, the heat and the sand.

Transparently clear

As well as being a ‘for real’ chronograph, the ICE dune’s appeal lies in an exclusive detail: a transparent case made of Ice-Ramic. This material is unique to Ice-Watch watches. An ‘on the rocks’ effect guaranteed even at 30° in the shade! No need to be afraid of the sun or the water: these robust ice boxes are waterproof to 10 ATM. The choice of 6 models looks like a cocktail menu. All white for absolute purity, full black, a daring touch with peppy orange or blue lagoon dials, the sporting power of red and blue...

One last thing before setting off by air, boat or road: choose the size of ‘your’ ICE dune. All models are available in size L (48 mm). The full white, full black or white with blue dial models are also available in XL (52 mm).

Product Description:

  • Size :L 
  • Waterproofness :10 ATM
  • Warranty :2 years
  • Case material :Polyamide +
  • Movement :VD53
  • Lens :Mineral glass
  • Band material :Silicone
  • Type of movement :Chronograph

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