26 Dec 2021

Glam, Glitter & Rock and Roll. Elegantly embellish your wrist on all occasions!

20 Nov 2021

Fresh, feminine, optimistic: the ICE flower collection blossomed again to start the year in good humour and announce the return of colour at ICE-WATCH.

19 Nov 2021

Ice-Watch x Coca-Cola Team Collection - 100% collector!

01 Aug 2021

A sparkling new collection! Fancy adding a dash of Coca-Cola fizz to your wrist? Now there’s nothing stopping you. A sparkling new collection, 100% collector!

21 Jul 2021

The comeback of an iconic model! Remember... it was an international, intergenerational and intercultural success, and now it's back: BACK TO BASICS! The first Ice-Watch is back with a modernised silhouette that is still true to the original look.

01 Jul 2021

Solar-powered and eco-responsible – a first step to change

26 Sep 2019

Ice-Watch is bringing you the dawn of fashion accessory bursting with energy! This year with the 4th year of running which we will be hosting. Namely, Ice-Watch Light Up The Day Run 2019!

01 Apr 2019

Wristwear that oozes style: meet the new ICE steel!