31 Oct 2019

A distinctive material that is often used for the dials of luxury watches, namely mother-of-pearl! Real nacre, with iridescent rainbows, that will catch the eye again and again. A touch of shimmer that has been added to the ultra-feminine ICE pearl…

26 Sep 2019

Ice-Watch is bringing you the dawn of fashion accessory bursting with energy! This year with the 4th year of running which we will be hosting. Namely, Ice-Watch Light Up The Day Run 2019!

08 Jul 2019

Fall for the beauty of a graduated sparkly dial - ICE lo. The cool, modern, colourful watch for a sparkling summer.

07 Jun 2019

All five colors of the theme are magnificent natural colors. Case and belt are put together in earth color, Super lightweight and colorful that is most suitable for the outdoors scene. Keep your style trendy for outdoor adventure.

01 May 2019

Display a touch of fun and magic on your wrist with the ICE fantasia!

01 Apr 2019

Wristwear that oozes style: meet the new ICE steel!

05 Mar 2019

Be daring and self-confident with this trendy and feminine accessory- ICE glam.

13 Feb 2019

Wear flowers, no matter the season or time. Succumb to the natural beauty of ICE flower watches! Soft and feminine, these watches inspired by nature come in a wide variety of floral and nuanced patterns. In the ICE flower collection, all the flowers are in chorus: the magic of the floating water lilies flirts with the freshness of the flowers of the fields.

25 Dec 2018

Shine brightly with ICE cosmos this festive season.

01 Dec 2018

The third “ICE-WATCH – Light Up The Night Run 2018” saw a spectacle of colours such as Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple as the streets at the vicinity of IOI City Mall were thronged with people from all walks of life. The colourful and funky Belgium watch brand was back in the spotlight on Saturday, 1st December 2018

30 Sep 2018

Glam now prefers to exert its appeal by reconciling with elegance. Real, authentic sophistication.

03 Sep 2018

ICE-WATCH and The Marathon Company announced today that ICE-WATCH has once again become the official title sponsor for the annual “ICE-WATCH-LIGHT UP THE NIGHT RUN” for the year 2018.

01 Aug 2018

A glimpse at their faces shows that summer will be sublime: with the Ice-Watch brand, you can experience the most beautiful sunsets.

06 Mar 2018

Its monochrome look –sophisticated black or relaxing white– continues to sparkle with fine touches of gold on the dial. From the case to the integrated matt silicone strap, the fine shape of this "bracelet-watch" makes it the wrist accessory for all occasions. Beautiful both day and night, the ICE glam can add just as much glamour to a city suit as to a cocktail dress

10 Feb 2018

The Ice-Watch brand loves lovers. Truly, madly, deeply. Each year, a collector’s edition is designed to appeal to them: ICE love. Exciting, sentimental, romantic. The love watch 2018 features four designs inspired by 1950s American romance comics! Its hands flirt with vibrant colours, enamoured bubbles and lovers from Hollywood comics. Pop art and flashy love is in the air.

01 Feb 2018

With its sporty, sleek look, this Pierre Leclercq collection was designed in soft silicone for even greater comfort. Available in eight models, ranging from multi- to solid-coloured watches, you are bound to find the one that suits you. You will love its modern style, and its design which highlights your wrist!

15 Jan 2018

This is the perfect watch for lifting a dull outfit, smartening up a pair of jeans or adding glow to a party dress. To sum up, the CITY mirror adapts to every style and adds sparkle to fashion.

01 Jan 2018

The most sophisticated watch of the Ice-Watch brand has embraced it with style to sparkle, shimmer and shine at all times. Mind your eyes: CITY sparkling is ready to dazzle you in two different ways.

05 Oct 2017

Attractive, fit and already geared up for the holidays: the new chronograph of the Ice-Watch brand is ready to go! Even the name, which the ICE dune owes to its highly original dial, arouses our desire for sand and sea. An intensely white ‘bridge’ connects three sub-dials: the minutes counter on the left, the seconds chronograph in the centre and a 24H display on the right. It is distinct, dynamic and great for measuring the best moments and sporting achievements of men and teenagers on holiday

03 Sep 2017

The women’s watch dons a soft quilted effect inspired by small, chic handbags. The men’s watch muscles up a tone on tone textured look with stitching. The 3D, elegant and graphic effect enhances the incredible and infinite softness and comfort of silicone.

31 Aug 2017

What is more iconic than the photo of our first Chief Minister of Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman, declaring independence of the Federation of Malaya from the British Empire at Stadium Merdeka at the stroke of 9 :30 AM on 31st August 1957 to represent Malaysia’s

01 Jul 2017

Because time goes by and is ever-changing, the Ice-Watch brand is adapting the classic look with its never-ending vitality. For him and for her. The result: a watch that adds class and character to your wrist. These very round stainless steel watches, curved from the dial to the mineral glass, are retro and trendy down to the very finest details.

25 May 2017

Ice-Watch is again one of the main sponsors for ‘Pencarian Wanita Melayu’ for the third time this year. The main reason behind the concept of this pageant is very much reflecting to its brand which is stylish on the outside while remaining authentic and traditional on the inside in terms of as a timepiece or as a Malay woman.

01 Mar 2017

When you’re 6, 8 or 9 years old, you don’t want a silly baby watch any more - you want colour, fashion, fun and style: ICE by the Ice-Watch brand. Small at 34mm, but big on effect - mega-soft silicone, smooth and sweet as bubble gum.

03 Dec 2016

The second “ICE-WATCH - Light Up The Night Run 2016” saw an array of colours of Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple as the streets of Shah Alam came alive with stream of people from all walks of life. The funky Belgium brand of watches was back in the limelight once again today - Saturday, 3rd December 2016 to bring a night of fun and colours into the hearts of amateur and avid runners alike which has made a prominent presence after last year’s inaugural run.

30 Jul 2016

ICE-WATCH which has been ticking its way into key shopping hubs in Peninsular Malaysia has now made another mark here in Kuala Lumpur with its first fashion showcase in conjunction with NU Sentral Mall’s Fashion Fiesta 2016.

23 Apr 2016

ICE-WATCH which has been ticking its way into key shopping hubs in Peninsular Malaysia has now made another mark here in Penang with its first fashion show titled “The N-ice Time Fashion Show by ICE-WATCH” in conjunction with Gurney Paragon Mall’s Penang Fashion Week 2016.

25 Nov 2015

ICE-WATCH and The Marathon Company, today announced that ICE-WATCH has become the official title sponsor of the first-ever night run called “ICE-WATCH - LIGHT UP THE NIGHT RUN”.