25 Jun 2022

A Double Dose Of Dazzling ‘SPORT-CHIC’ For The Perfect Summer Accessory

01 Jun 2022

A glimpse at their faces shows that summer will be sublime: with the Ice-Watch brand, you can experience the most beautiful sunsets. Tempo Acapulco guaranteed!

17 Apr 2022

What is in the 2022 Ice-Watch bouquet? Vibrant and assertive tones to pick from the air, acid pop pastels at the forefront of fashion spring, classic bright shades. In the dials, the garden of the hours: a FLOW of abstract or natural floral motifs, small elegant and romantic flowers, seventies Liberty prints, tropical corollas...

16 Apr 2022

Our watches have always been round like the planet, which it is high time we took care of!

15 Mar 2022

A fashionable, modern touch to all your outfits!